I’ve been on my “personal-fulfillment” journey for some time now and I can’t lie. I’ve been feeling myself. From creating vision boards, to talking openly with my mentor, to simply exploring new things, I have been very happy. Nothing in life is perfect, but when you begin to work on yourself, you’ll feel a sense of ease that allows you to find perfection in even the most flawed things. (No, wait. Let me not get TOO deep, because I will never ever find beauty in a cockroach or waterbug. God forgive me, but some things will always be ugly to me.) But anyways, I want to share some tips with you that have been daily doses for me in my pursuit of personal fulfillment. I hope they help you as you embark on (or continue) your journey and I wish you the most rewarding experiences ever.

1.  Let Go.

Whatever it is; whoever they are, let go. The bad habits; the leeches that are no good for you; the worries that haunt you; the doubt that flusters you; the people that want to keep you from succeeding; the situations that make you feel like you’re being held back; let them all go. Life is too short to be wasting energy on things and people that add no value to your life. They served their purposes, now let them go. Don’t kiss them goodbye; don’t throw a “going away” party. Just let them go.

2. Don’t Settle.

If you’re unhappy, only YOU can fix that. If you’re dissatisfied on your job, there are tons of other ways to make money so hop on google, get some resumes out, and start drafting that resignation letter. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, be honest with yourself (and your partner) and allow your intuition to lead you. Either end it peacefully, or pray to God that you’ll be dumped. (Sounds crazy, but prayer works for everything!) If you’re unhappy with your life period, take a moment to meditate and regroup. Think about the things you want to accomplish for you. Stop focusing on everyone else’s goals and expectations for you and focus on the desires of your own heart.

3. Be Grateful Even When Your Heart Can’t Stand To.

The best part about this is “Even When Your Heart Can’t Stand To.” It’s a harsh truth that we all face. Sometimes I find myself so frustrated with things in my life that I literally have to force myself into a spirit of gratitude. It’s okay. We all do. Someone wants to be where you are right now, whether you believe it or not. As much as you’re tempted to focus on everything that’s going wrong, don’t. Step outside of yourself and remember that every purpose comes with a challenge. So you know what that means? You’re already on your way to becoming great because someday, your down moments will be testimonies for you to share with someone else.

4. Be Spontaneous and Do Crazy Things.

You’re in your prime. You’re single. You’re an eligible bachelor/bachelorette and your energy is on an all-time high. Yup. Why not? You have one life to live and it is all yours. Swing on a pole or two; blow a kiss at the bartender; enjoy a drunk, liberating piss; go skinny dipping. Hell, whatever puts the icing on the cake for you, have at it. As a matter of fact, have your cake and eat it too! Now, I am not telling you to go around behaving like a hot thottie. However, if that’s what you choose to do, then by all means. (I am casting no stones your way, sugar. Just please be careful!) In being spontaneous and adventurous, you’d have so many incredible memories to look back on in your late years and you won’t be sitting on your death bed in a pool of regrets.

5. Get Uncomfortable.

Are you boring? Yup. You probably are because for the past few years, you’ve been doing the same thing every single day at the same damn time. I know: you feel more comfortable doing certain things because you’re used to them and to step into a whole ‘nother realm frightens you. You’re stuck in your ways and I get that. I really do. But guess what? I was once there until the day I decided that I didn’t want to live a basic life. I wanted exploration; something new; something unique that would not only expose me to another dimension of this beautiful world, but help me to get accustomed to trying new things. I was uncomfortable then and I still am today. But I feel absolutely amazing. This can be the best time of your life. Are you basic? Get uncomfortable!

6. Don’t Panic.

In the words of Mr. French Montana, “we just gettin’ started n**** don’t panic!” But seriously……chill. I love these two simple words and apply them to every aspect of my life. Being chill is one of the best ways to be because you have no expectations or concerns. Why panic and freak out over the unknown? A perfect example? Dating and crushing! Mmmmhmmm..yup ladies; we drive ourselves into full cardiac arrest when it comes to dating. But let’s save ourselves some anxiety, crooked necks, and sleepless nights of Instagram lurking (you know you do it). Let’s look at things this way: I may not know how my eye candy completely feels about me at this moment, but do I panic? Hell no. Should I give a damn? Not really. If I carry myself accordingly, he’ll stick around because he knows he can’t resist this anyways. But Lord, if he happens to stray, keep him there because that just means he wasn’t equipped to handle this anyways! Shoooooot. 

Hope this helps someone!


Brittany Sha’Vonne




Surprise, surprise! I like to draw; and in my head, I am a high fashion designer, showing you a completely raw and unedited sample of my latest pieces. First, allow me to open up the world in my head to you, in case you don’t know what it consists of: I am an international designer who works out of my private villa in Paris while sipping Pinot Grigio or Stella Rosa. My breaks include snacking on fine goat cheeses, fruits, and delicate meats while watching the French style icons roam the streets. My idols of inspiration are Carrie Bradshaw and Christian Siriano. I design for the divas with alter egos: the classy fashionistas; the vixens, and even the sexy villains. In simplest terms, my concepts epitomize the fashionista who dares to unveil her inner bad-ass. My designs will have no faces sometimes because I believe that the vibe a style icon portrays is more influential than the way she looks. In other words, looks do not matter to me. Welcome to my world!

XoXo Brittany Sha’Vonne


Photo Courtesy | Brittany Sha’Vonne Designs





You know what I’m starting to realize more and more every day? We–women–are absolutely crazy. We are fucking insane and although tamed from time to time, we have no way to completely control our crazy antics. But you know what? That’s ok.
Let me tell you something: I talk to myself. A lot. (I’m sure you do too! Don’t front.) The main thing that I say to myself every single day is “girl bye!”  I love it. It’s a hilarious curve that can be applied to any and everything and it’s a sure way to put yourself in check before someone else decides to! Sometimes when I’ve either had too much caffeine for the day and little to no rest, I find myself over analyzing things and worrying to the point of insanity.


One day, mid-stress, I caught myself worrying about something and I immediately blurted out “girl bye!”…to myself.

Style 101 With Brittany: Pretty in Pastels!

Style 101 With Brittany
'Cause I'm Feeling Pretty
Ah! The Fall is here, and here in LA, it’s not quite time for the Pea Coats and Mink Vests just yet. (I so wish it were!) I’ve been trying to find ways to keep my ensembles stylish and weather-savvy at the same time. The Autumn breezes grace us at night, but it’s been extremely hot during the day. I’ve been wanting to feel feminine, chic, and cool in this ever changing weather, so I thought of the perfect crisp colors to offset that during this seasonal transition: pastels and nudes! Perfect for every season with a soothing undertone of comfort and class! A woman can never have too many pieces in these fabulous colors. If you are going through an odd weather transition in your area as well, take style-spiration from my Pretty in Pastels look! This look can be worn during a semi-casual day in the office, out to lunch with a client, or even out shopping in the mall.



So I’ve been on the go lately–a lot–and I’ve barely had time to get super decked out. I typically take hours to get ready and all dolled up (ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you) but lately I’ve had between thirty minutes and one hour, depending on the day. The typical dramatic me would usually freak out and pace around trying to figure out what to wear. But not this time! Honey, I have mastered the art of being cute on the go using two main pieces! (Outfit deets below :)!)

I have a huge weak spot in my heart for dope fashion. To me, a person with a “dope” style is one who does not try at all when it comes to dressing up; someone who looks good without effort and has a badass sense of style. The rebel of the fashion world, if you will. Anyways, this week I was on my “dope ish” and I came up with two different looks using the same concept while mixing and matching a plaid shirt and a pair of black tights with different pieces. I’ve come to find out that being dope is super easy. Just pair something that looks good for your personal style and go! Now, this is not to be mistaken with just throwing on any old thing so please be mindful before you become a product of someone’e screenshot or hashtag!


photo (1)

IT GIRL Tee | Style Express (Similar Here)

Plaid Shirt | Thrifted

Fitness Tights | Marshall’s

Converse All Star Sneakers | Shoe Warehouse

Quintessence Eight Sweatshirt (Cut and cropped) | Hampton University

Black & Gold Gladiator Sandals |  (Similar Here)

Leather Bag |  DD’s

Photo Courtesy | L. Dunlap & A. Anyakwo




FIND YOURThink about this for a few minutes and let your answer sit with you for a while. Are you happy? ……No, I mean are you really happy?

If you’re the type of person to cringe at the thought of someone saying something about you or your decisions, you are setting yourself up for misery, my friend. And in addition, if you answered “yes” to my first question, you are completely lying to yourself. But don’t feel bad. We’ve all done that from time to time. You know? Lied our way through life; faked being happy and what not. Whether it was giving too much of a damn about what our parents wanted for us, settling in a relationship, or thinking too hard about how our friends might feel if we said “no” to a night out, we have all sacrificed our happiness in some way to please someone else. We’ve all fallen victim to becoming those sorry, dreadful beings that we love to talk about: the people pleasers. I hated people pleasers, but my emotions shifted in a way when I discovered that I was one of them myself. (“Awww damnit!, I’m one of them”, I thought to myself while staring into space.)


I recently decided that for me, those days are over. I’ve struggled with people pleasing for for years, and now that I have reached my breaking point, all I’ve had to say is “fuck it.”

Stye 101 With Brittany: Get Up, Get Dressed and GO!

Style 101 With Brittany
Get Dressed. Go. Give 0 Fuxks!
Ok. I’ll be honest! Some days, I wake up on my Beyonce side of the bed, feeling absolutely flawless. But other days? Not so much. Those days, I simply threw something on without even trying to look cute. I knew I had business to handle outside of the workplace and I had to dash out ASAP. Those were the “I’m in a hurry and I haven’t had my coffee” type of days; those “Don’t bother me, I give zero fuxks” type of days. To my surprise, several people approached me telling me how adorable I looked. I was so surprised because I knew that I had literally gotten out of my bed that day and said “fuxk it!” Excuse the lingo, but you all know exactly what I mean! I wanted to cry happy tears at the compliments, but instead, I dropped the drama queen response replied with “Who me?! Oh you’re far too kind!”
I’ve seen tons of ladies pull this off, and divas, you all have nailed it! Getting dressed in a hurry just to look fabulous without even trying—now that’s a true fashionista skill! For those of you who may be novices at pulling this off, don’t worry your pretty little selves. Take style-spiration from this look and get ready to head out!


Out and About


It’s Fridayyyyyy! One thing I LOVE to do on a Friday after work is hit up a nice happy hour with great sushi rolls! For all of my sushi lovers out there who are touring LA, I urge you to grab a bite at my favorite grub hub, Wokcano Restaurant & Lounge. If you’ve seen me posting delicate plates of sushi rolls on Insta, here is the infamous place where my girls and I dine from time to time!

Style 101 With Brittany: Concert Ready!

Style 101 With Brittany
Concert Ready
It’s summa time baby, and we all know what that means! Pool parties, social shindigs, and concerts! It’s time for us to bring out the alter egos we’ve harbored inside for so long. As Drake says, let’s live for those nights we can’t remember with the people we won’t forget! But most importantly, let’s do so in style! Be inspired by my super bad-ass look, and be sure to check out these must have accessories. Can you say chic?! I am in style heaven! Outfit deets below!

Style 101 With Brittany: Don’t Ditch The Denim! Mix It Up!

Style 101 With Brittany
Mix N Match!
Every girl has  that one pair of jeans that she just can’t let go of! You know, the ones that make you cringe because you’re afraid someone else will notice that you wore them twice this week?! Yes! THOSE pair of jeans! Ladies, don’t be ashamed. WE ALL do it! But how about mixing and matching your style to change things up a bit?! How about rocking a sporty look one day and a super chic and feminine look another day, similar to my look above! Not only will this make you versatile and style savvy, but the attention will be drawn to other components of your ensemble and not just the repeatedly worn jeans! Add little spice with some bold lip and nail colors and you are good to go! :) Toodles!

Style 101 With Brittany: It’s BBQ Time!

Style 101 With Brittany
Style 101 With Brittany: BBQ Time!
OMG! The 4th is finally here! Ah! We have all been waiting for this spectacular day full of delish nom-noms and sky-enhancing pop-pops! This is the ultimate cheat-on-your-diet day, lounge day, and a perfect time to get cute and comfy! If you’re a go-against-the trends type of fashionista, you probably won’t want to wear the USA Flag-tagged denim shorts or tee. (I get it. SO cliche!) You’ll want to be different and wear something that carries the Holiday theme in your own fabulous way! Take inspiration from this BBQ look I put together! I’ll be wearing the dress! What will you decide to wear? Have fun and be safe! Outfit deets are below!

Style 101 With Brittany: Party Party!

Style 101 With Brittany
Party Party!
Ahhh! The weekend is almost here!! Time to kick back, relax, and brace yourself for the fabulous night you are soon to take part in! I don’t care if you haven’t made plans yet, because honey, when you see this look I put together, you will make some plans. TRUST! I know you have some eye candy to snatch, and you may even have some sassy divas you want to stunt on! Who knows? But one thing’s for sure; you will not let fabulosity slip through your fingers this weekend. Be inspired by my Party Party look to get you going! Turn on some tunes, prance around the house, and get ready to WERK!

Style 101 With Brittany: Dope Chicks!

Style 101 With Brittany
Style 101 With Brittany: Dope Chicks!
Sometimes you may come across clients who are extremely chill. They like to look polished and clean, and that’s about it. Sometimes you may even find that you, yourself are the same way. Sometimes you just don’t feel like dressing up and that is perfectly fine. Maybe you are a sporty type of gal, a tomboy, or just a chill girl who doesn’t like to go for the over-the-top girly-girl looks. That’s no problem! Let me help you spruce your style up in your own way with my Dope Chicks! look. This is super cute, trendy, style-savvy, and not too much for a chic who loves simplicity!

Style 101 With Brittany: Ready for the Festival!

Style 101 With Brittany
'Cause I'm A Free Spirit
I put this look together with inspiration from fashionistas who are all-around different. They have a style that is complex, hard to mimic, and easy to love. I had a hard time naming this look because it literally speaks to so many different concepts! Jeanine, a friend of mine, saw this and called it “Ready for the Festival.” She said that this is definitely something she saw herself wearing to a party and I immediately thought “OMG that’s perfect!” Major kudos to Jeanine for naming this look! Be sure to keep up with all of my looks on Polyvore!

Style 101 With Brittany: Hot, Chic, and On a Mission!

Style 101 With Brittany
City Girl Chic
It’s getting super hot and it’s time to strut in those heels the right way: COMFY and STYLISH! You have places to go, people to see, and breezes to catch! The last thing you need right now? Being hot on a mission! I mean, of course you want to look HAUTE, but do you want to be HOT? Heavens no! Jazz up your heated and hectic schedule with this simple City Girl Chic look I put together. Simply throw on a sleek jumper, slide in these luscious heels, and grab the perfect sprucers to spice up your ensemble: a striped clutch, a gold necklace, and a bangle to go with it! This is trendy and will definitely keep you cool as you make your runs. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Wal G red jumpsuit
$64 -

Wallis gold jewellery

Style 101 With Brittany: Get Your Solange On!

Style 101 With Brittany
Gawddd! I love Solange! She is so different and her style is flawless. When I put together this look, I immediately thought of her. This look is everything different, fierce, and screams “ready-to-hit-the-town!” I call this Trendsetter because as we all know, Solange is definitely a trendsetting diva who always has on something you’ve never seen anyone else in. Think outside of the box, fashionistas!

Balmain leather jacket
$4,405 -

Topshop sandals

Pieces bead bracelet
$23 -

Religiouz Fashionz: A Calling to Revamp the Industry!


It’s a new day and age; and women are setting the scene left and right as independent go-getters and bread winners. But the headline that seems to top them all? ENTREPRENEURS. Yes! More women are becoming entrepreneurs and we absolutely love it. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a focus who is on her grind! But what’s even better than a woman on her grind? A woman of GOD on her grind! Yes, we went there! A WOMAN OF GOD. Very few entrepreneurs will give Christ the credit in their success, and many will refrain from seeking His guidance as they expand in the industry. But we have come across a figment of a rare breed, Miss Ashley Terrell, Owner & Designer of Ashley Terrell, LLC, and CEO & Creative Director of highly esteemed jewelry brand, Religiouz Fashionz.  Our CEO held an all-exclusive interview with Ashley Terrell and we have the TEA…(ALWAYS GOOD TEA) on her luxurious brand and the wonderful story of how she was led to success by hearing God’s purpose. Tune In!

IMG_8201*Photo Courtesy of Ashley Terrell, LLC

Brittany: Ashley, first and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to interview! It’s truly a pleasure! What led you to starting your brand, Religiouz Fashionz?

Ashley: Thank you for having me as well! Two years ago, I went through a major transition. I was very bitter. I had experienced hurtful things in my childhood [that I was still angry about]; I had gotten a divorce [and overall], I had more negative memories than positive ones. One day I went to church and made the declaration to myself to get off of the little girl bus and step on the grown woman bus. [I knew I had to change] and I wanted to be woman enough to step up to the plate. I wanted to find a way to make women feel beautiful simply by being themselves and I had to start from within. I couldn’t walk around being bitter all the time and I said, ‘Let me be the example I want to see.’ When all of this went on I was inspired to write a book called Bitterness Isn’t Sexy! in which I speak about my life as applied to Scriptures. I wanted to change me for the better and I wanted to inspire other women to be beautiful and unique; and that is when the Lord led me to creating Religiouz Fashionz.RF Logo*Photo Courtesy of Ashley Terrell, LLC

Brittany: How do you handle being a Christian in an industry where many people may not believe in the same concepts as you?

Ashley: I usually try to reach out to people on a level where they can understand me best; I ease people into it; I don’t force it onto people. My beliefs are my beliefs [and vice versa]. If I’m talking to you about you, I’m going to take Christianity out and focus on the basic characteristics of you.

Brittany: That’s really good; most people tend to shy away from talking about that so that’s a very good approach. Would you say that your brand has made you a better person, overall?

Ashley: Oh, absolutely! I’ve learned a lot and I’ve had so many people connect with me in relation to how they have evolved. Girls rarely wear things that display good messages and I wanted my brand to be something positive that inspired girls to be unique. Changing myself for the better [and becoming a better example to others through my brand] has definitely made me a better person!

Brittany: How did you get into jewelry design?

Ashley: Well I’ve always been into design! I started [early] fashion design at seven years old; jewelry design at thirteen; and when I was fifteen, I was studying fashion textiles at a collegiate level. I’ve made several outfits for prom and I’ve even made thirteen outfits for my mom!  I had an extensive background in design! I had a full ride scholarship to FIT in New York, but I decided to continue learning [about] fashion on my own and go to Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, NC [2008-2009].  [I then] studied business contract law at Regent University through their online program [2011-2013]. I graduated college two years early; number seven in my class!Simplicity Set*Religiouz Fashionz Photo Courtesy of Ashley Terrell, LLC

Brittany: Wow! That’s super awesome!  So what’s it like working with clients in the spotlight?

Ashley: You know, I’m not really star-struck at all. I treat my clients all the same. I don’t discount people as a whole. For example, [regarding] some of my clients in the spotlight such as Renee from Mob Wives, and Draya from Basketball Wives, I feel like they are all within their time; they are people like everyone else; they just have more cameras on them! Everyone has [their own] time to shine.

Style 101 With Brittany: Happy Girls Get Things Done!

Style 101 With Brittany
Happy Girl
Have you ever had to make a serious run and you had almost no time to get all dolled up? Doll up the easy way with my Happy Girl look! This look is super cute, fun, and comfy. It’s just enough to put you in the perfect mood and get you back to being your quirky, confident self, and when you’re confident, you’re well prepared enough to get things done!

Pull Bear print crop top
$27 -

Givenchy zipper top

Style 101 With Brittany: Fly Men Seal the Deal!

Style 101 With Brittany
Fly Men
Fellas! This one is for you! You ever have those meet-ups that are strictly business based without all of the extra formal apparel? You know, the follow-up after the follow-up? The deal makers (or breakers)? The kind of quick meetings at a dining hall or coffee shop that last no more than 15 minutes?! The meetings that are casual friendly?! Okay, you get it by now! Take note from this Fly Men look by yours truly! Not too over the top, yet enough to wow in appearance, personal style, swagger, and taste!